TITLE: Accurate Calculation of LDO IR-Drop For SRAMs Using Redhawk EDA Tool

AUTHORS: E. Abu-Shama, Z. Sadi, A. Elchouemi, and Azam Beg

PUBLICATION/VENUE: 2014 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV'14), Jul 2014, pp. 1-4. [In press].


The purpose of an on-chip low drop-out (LDO) voltage regulator is to supply steady voltage to static random access memory (SRAM). With the explosive growth of mobile technologies, the LDOs are becoming more prevalent in the semiconductor industry. However, due to its sensitivity, there is a strict voltage (IR) drop requirement over the power grid network from the regulator to the SRAM. The Redhawk EDA tool allows the designers to model the analog behavior of the LDO a capability that is not available with other traditional tools. Still Redhawk does not consider the LDOs as voltage sources and can miss the IR drops during analysis. In this paper, we discuss a method that enables Redhawk to view and treat the LDOs as voltage sources to ensure robust power-grid connectivity and to meet the specifications of IR-drop between the LDO and the SRAM.


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