TITLE: A Web-Based Method For Building And Simulating Standard Cell Circuits - A Classroom Application


PUBLICATION/VENUE: Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Apr 2014, pp. 1-8.


An indispensible component of the computer and/or electronic engineering curriculum is a course on digital integrated circuit design. In such a course, the students learn how to characterize a standard set of basic building blocks (called standard cells) based on different design criteria, for example, noise margin, power, performance, etc. The characterization is an iterative process that entails creation of circuit descriptions (defined by Spice netlists) an activity that can be arduous and susceptible to mistakes. To enable the students to perform a large number of experiments while concentrating on the design issues rather than the strenuous task of constructing different circuit variants, use of a Web-based tool named SpiceGen is being proposed. The tool can be utilized in different courses that cover the topics of nanometric CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) circuit design, VLSI (very large scale integrated) circuit design, low-power digital circuit design, circuit reliability, etc.


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