TITLE: A Collaborative Platform For Facilitating Standard Cell Characterization

AUTHORS: Azam Beg, A. Elchouemi, and R. Beg,

PUBLICATION/VENUE: 2013 IEEE 17th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD), Jun 2013, pp. 202-206.


Circuit designers need to characterize their designs based on different requirements of area, power, delay, and transition times. To do so, they may need to create a large number of circuits (defined as Spice netlists) in different configurations. The netlists not only contain the unit-under-test but also the mechanisms for providing the input stimuli and measuring variables (such as voltage, current, and time). The characterization is usually carried out by a team of engineers who may be located on the same site or in different geographical locations. A web-based collaborative platform proposed in this paper facilitates and expedites the characterization process by producing the required netlists in a consistent and error-free fashion.


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