TITLE: Framework For Visual Modeling of Software Product Line

AUTHORS: F. Ahmed, Azam Beg, S. Alkobaisi, and L. F. Capretz

PUBLICATION/VENUE: 2010 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information Management and Engineering (ICIME), Apr 2010, pp. 484-488.


Software product line has introduced a systematic reuse of work already carried out during software development within an organization. It gives an opportunity not to build the software from scratch. UML has almost become industry standard for visual modeling of software project. The current form of UML does not directly support the concept of software product line process there is a need to introduce some new or extensions in the existing diagrams of UML so that they can model the software product line engineering process. In this paper we have proposed a conceptual framework for visual modeling of software product lines, by introducing diagrams and symbols to develop the diagrams and support the process.


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