TITLE: Frequency Analysis of Urdu Spoken Numbers Using MATLAB And Simulink

AUTHORS: S.K. Hasnain, Azam Beg, and M.S. Awan

PUBLICATION/VENUE: PAF KIET Journal of Engineering & Sciences, vol. 1, no. 2, Dec 2007, pp. 43-48.


This paper describes the frequency analysis of spoken Urdu numbers from ‘sifr’ (zero) to ‘nau’ (nine). Sound samples from multiple speakers were utilized to extract different features. Initial processing of data, i.e., normalizing and time-slicing was done using a combination of Simulink and MATLAB. Afterwards, the same tools were used for calculation of Fourier descriptions and correlations. The correlation allowed comparison of the same words spoken by the same and different speakers. The analysis presented in this paper is seen as the first step in creating an Urdu speech recognition system. Such a system can be potentially utilized in implementation of a voice-driven help setup at call centers of commercial organizations operating in Pakistan/India region.


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